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     Our location is unique in several ways.  The main road that runs through the middle of our vineyards runs nearly perfectly East-West. This gives our vines Southern exposure throughout the year, which is ideal for growing.  The mountains that surround our little outcropping give us continual air flow from the San Joaquin Delta breeze.  This breeze swirls through the canyon giving us a constantly changing wind direction.  Even on the hottest of days in August a slight air flow is continually cooling the temperature on our ridge top. 

   The soil and its nutrients collected from the ancient river channel that runs perpendicular to our rows gives our wines a uniqueness rarely found.  The harshness of the rocky terrain combined with it's nourishing soil puts stress on the vine, which comes through in our final product.  Each of our wines has a unique bold and robust characteristic that separates it from wines even grown from similar clones. 

  Wineries and vineyards are known throughout the world as labors of love.  If you don't enjoy the hard work and time that's required, the final product will show it.  We have had the opportunity to grow our vines in one of the most unique sites in California. But with this opportunity comes blood, sweat and tears.  The very uniqueness that gives us the bold flavors so desired by both casual and connoisseur wine enthusiasts is also our greatest challenge.  Our terrain makes it extremely difficult to plant vines.  With every expansion we are forced to use a backhoe to dig every single plant or post we place and then fill it in by hand.  There is no easy planting.  What takes most vineyards a day to plant will take us a week.  If we didn't enjoy the process from start to finish as much as we do, it would show in our wines.  It truly is a labor of love.