Falling Into Harvest

We're just one week away from Fall and harvest is already in full swing. Our Chardonnay was picked two weeks ago and is well on it's way to becoming tasty, tasty wine. Next weekend, we'll be picking our remaining grapes- Barbera, Zinfandel, and Cabernet to name a few. 

Keeping our fruit on the vines has been a bit of a challenge this year thanks to hungry birds and a black bear with a big appetite for Zinfandel. Netting has managed to ward off the flocks, but even our 8-foot fence and ranger prescribed ammonia aren't keeping Yogi out. At least it has been entertaining to watch his antics on our game cameras! 

New Cabernet Block

We've just finished our vineyard expansion! The land in our newest block is very rocky and difficult to farm, which makes it perfect for additional Cabernet Sauvignon. Rough terrain and nutritious soil are known to create intricate, full-bodied wines, so this block is guaranteed to produce some exceptional fruit! We look forward to tasting the results in four or five years! 


Barbera Festival

It's that time! Join us Saturday, September 16th for the 2017 Barbera Festival! Tucked amidst the exquisite vineyards of Terra d'Oro Winery, this outdoor festival offers exceptional wines, food, art, entertainment, and more. 

MFV will be pouring our nearly sold out 2014 Reserve Barbera, which won a silver medal at this year's LA International Wine Competition, and debuting our much anticipated 2015 Reserve Barbera! 

The event runs from 11AM to 4PM. Tickets are not available at the door, so be sure to purchase in advance on the Barbera Festival website!


What a rain filled year!

We've had over 50 inches of rain so far this year.  Not to mention tons of snow!  

But now, the ground is finally drying, our deer fences are up, and Spring has sprung!

Back in April of 2016 we started our expansion on the South slope of our existing vineyard.  Through countless hours of hard work we transformed a wooded hillside in to a beautifully terraced site for our future vines.  After successfully surviving the winter deluge, we've awoken to sunshine and a hillside ready to be planted!   In the next few weeks we will begin planting Zinfandel and Petite Sirah on these slopes.

South slope expansion.

South slope expansion.

Time to rock!

Yes, we're slightly crazy!  We have started a second expansion at the vineyard!  

Over the last few years we've been carefully tending to our Cabernet grapes in hopes that they would turn in to some amazing wine.  We're proud to announce that they have significantly exceeded our expectations.  We're now so confident in our product that we've decided to expand on our current Cabernet vines and double the size!  With the help of some very large equipment -- we've broken ground and started clearing the way for our new plantings.

We've got more rocks than sense!

We've got more rocks than sense!

"New Kids on the Block" at Barbera Festival 2016

A special thank you goes out to all who stopped by to meet us, "the new kids on the block", at the sixth annual Amador County Barbera Festival at Terra d'Oro Winery/Montevina Vineyards. 70 wineries participated in this year's event, and we were proud to be described as "standout" participants by the Amador Ledger Dispatch. 

We were very excited to premier our newest release, the 2014 Reserve Barbera, and were pleased that so many enjoyed it's unique, robust flavor. Bottles are now available for purchase in our online store; we offer free local pickup service for customers in greater Sacramento and Amador counties.  

Jeff Meikle, far left, with sons Jamison Meikle (the winemaker, middle) and Jonathon Meikle (far right)

Jeff Meikle, far left, with sons Jamison Meikle (the winemaker, middle) and Jonathon Meikle (far right)

Vineyard Expansion Begins!

Unfortunately, what gives our wines their uniqueness also gives us, as growers, a headache. Due to our location, expanding is not simple, and the only way to add the acreage we desire is to go... down hill.

In order to plant on the steep southern slope of our hilltop, every plantable square inch must be terraced. The long process began in the Fall of 2015 and will be completed by Fall 2016. 


The early, weird year so far has sped everything up for us. Due to unreliable help and an infection in our Petite Verdot, we've been sulpher dusting like crazy, along with doing whatever is in our power to have our best year ever. Due to the problem with outsourcing our vineyard spraying, we have taken upon ourselves to upgrade our personal vineyard equipment and are now completely self sufficient.