Our vineyard is home to several varietals:


Barbera is known in Italy as "the wine of the people". It is a dark-skinned, hearty fruit whose naturally high acidity lends well to growth at high temperatures. The wine produced from barbera grapes is bold, known for it's deep color, low tannins, and high levels of acidity.


Zinfandel is an Amador County favorite. The black skinned grape thrives in our warm climate. Its fruit produces a robust, easy-drinking wine. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

Due to the high temperatures and dryness of the Amador County foothills, Cabernet Sauvignon is not typically planted.  However, our unique ridgetop allows us to grow what many surrounding vineyards cannot.  To the surprise of many, we have had wonderful production numbers on our Cabernet Sauvignon fruit. Our Meritage blend has the wine's characteristic boldness and low tannin, which is a rarity in foothill Cabernet. To compliment this blend, we use only top quality French oak, which has enhanced our Cabernet to impress even non Cabernet drinkers.