When this land was purchased in 1989 we were unaware of the history or potential of it. Our ridgetop. which we later learned was known during the Gold Rush as Russel Hill, was home to hundreds of miners, many of whom left behind belongings (or much, much more) for us to discover as we turn and dig the soils. The site is littered with gold mines, ventilation shafts and hand-stacked rock walls that took decades to make, all in the search for gold. The unforgiving rocky hilltop is also home to the ancient Mokelumne River channel, which has provided us with a very unique and hard to farm terroir.

MFV Winery rests at 3000 feet within a box canyon with a view of the Sacramento Valley directly to our West. This view also provides us with a constant Delta Breeze, which prevents our vines from freezing during cold, snowy winters. From 110° days in the height of the summer to snowy hillsides in the winter, the uniqueness of our location and our love for growing winegrapes has enabled us to make high quality, unique wines that we love sharing with the world.

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